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  • How much is too much? September 9, 2015


    Life insurance is something that we talk about, a lot.  We don’t even try to hide it. Want to know why? It’s really simple math.

    Do you know how many people are going to need life insurance? 100%.

    It’s just that simple. 100% of people, at some point will need life insurance.

    Now that the percentages are out there, how much do you need? That amount varies person to person, family to family.  There are different needs as well- is this for a short term, or long term need -or- are you using this as a way to deffer at tax penalty? Is this a wealth enabler? There are so many questions that you can ask yourself, and your family.  Until you figure out how much you are going to need, it’s hard to throw numbers and finances out there, right?

    Erie has created a calculator just for this.  Here’s the easy thing to do: go through it (takes less than five minutes) and just see where the numbers are. You may be surprised at what you find out!

    Give us a call, and let us know if you have any questions.  This is the FIRST step, when it comes to looking at life insurance.  Complete your calculator, and let’s talk!





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