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  • Insure Your Love! February 3, 2015


    We all know that February is the month of love, or other holidays that you may or may not have ever heard of (Tomorrow is National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day).   I hope you enjoy things about this month, some more than others! In the insurance world, February is “Insure your Love Month”! Now, I know, not all of you have a love interest, but you do love something, right? The thought is that there is something that is important to you, and as an insurance industry we need to either protect it, or protect your value to what you hold near and dear to your heart.  There are a few examples of things that I thought of, of things that are important in some of our lives:

    A local charity that holds a special place in your heart

    A family member that you take care of

    Your Children, Grandchildren, nieces, or nephew

    Your spouse, or significant other

    A Church or local organization that has invested in you

    I am sure that there are more than this, probably that you thought of yourself; but these are a few that came to mind for me.  I want to challenge each of you to think about your legacy–

    What impact will you have on what you hold dear, long after you are gone? Let’s talk.



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